Cross Over Tattoo

Are you looking for a professional tattoo artist to blow your mind with exceptional artwork that you will be excited to show off and brag about? Then you have come to the right place!! Cross Over Tattoo Studio offers custom and freehand artistic expertise to our clients.

Whether you are interested in a large piece or small design, if you want a custom designed piece or have a design already chosen, the artists at Cross Over Tattoo Studio are eager to use their talents and experience to ensure you get the tattoo you want.

We will gladly take walk-ins when we have time, though usually it is best to have an appointment. Due to the visual nature of our profession we do not give quotes over the phone or website. Cross Over Tattoo Studio requires a $40 cash deposit on all tattoo appointments, which comes off the final price of the work so come on into the shop and we will get you all set up. 

Do you have a picture you want to show us. Email it to us and we will enlarge it and print it for you.

Tattoo Consultants

When you come to Cross Over Tattoo Studio you will find that we offer you the convenience of tattoo consultants. These wonderful people are truly the backbone of our operation! Our consultants keep the studio clean and running smoothly so that the artists can concentrate on providing the best possible tattoos and piercings. They will assist you with design questions, give you prices for jewelry and procedures, answer the phone when you call, and help you fill out your paperwork. Without them our days would be very rough!

Your Health

Cross Over Tattoo offers a hygienic and sterile environment, while maintaining a fun and cool atmosphere. The staff at Cross Over Tattoo know that your health and safety is the number one priority. All of our artists are licensed and certified by the state of Oregon Health Licensing Association (OHLA). Our staff is also fully trained and certified in the prevention of disease transmission. To help with the rise in peoples concerns for their health, we continually research and update our safety procedures. In doing so, we go above and beyond the requirements that OHLA has set for us.



Located on the beautiful historical Newport, Oregon Coast Bay Front.

Cross Over Tattoo Studio

338 Southwest Bay Boulevard, Newport, Oregon 97365

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